Friday suits

Dress-down Friday Styling Guide

We all appreciate casual Fridays at work, but is it really necessary to wear the same worn-out pair of jeans and a trusty plain t-shirt every time? We all have vivid memories of how we used apparel to express ourselves as youths. Why should the present be any different? So let’s put the band merch […]

Double-Breasted Suit

How to Wear a Double-Breasted Suit

Not many men like to wear something out-of-the-box, especially when it comes to formal wear. Onthe other hand, most gentlemen like wearing what the majority are wearing lest they receive anyunpleasant look from the beholders. Notwithstanding, some men prefer experimenting with theirattires instead of following conventional patterns. These men are confident with their garments andbelieve […]

5 Suit Accessories Every Man Should Wear

The time of men’s fashion being limited to plain shirts and boring suits is gone. Nowadays men are fashionable and love to experiment with styling, cuts, colours and unconventional styling elements. This change in wearing habits has led to the introduction of new style elements in men’s fashion.    We love suits, be it summer suits, […]