Custom-Made Tuxedos for the Special
Moments in Your Life

“Ceremonial events are of utmost significance; hence trusting experts to craft your ensemble is paramount.”

A tuxedo is a go-to outfit for occasions that necessitate formal clothing. It is an ode to the victorious spirit of a man that endures elegance and style. From weddings to official events and festivities to revelries, a tuxedo is an evergreen sartorial choice.

At House of Tailors, we assure you that your tuxedo suit will be nothing short of perfection!Our supreme craftsmanship intertwined with professional services creates a tuxedo suit for men that personify excellence. Behind every outfit, we put our heart and soul into weaving unrivalled fashion.

Experience the Accurate Fitting

The House of Tailors’ artisans instils their tailoring expertise to design tuxedos that will speak for you. We take accurate measurements, keeping your posture and comfort in mind to offer a fitting as impeccable as you.


Hassle-less Service and Turnaround

We offer virtual and in-store consultations for making customized tuxedos for men. After the outfit is finalized, it takes around two weeks to craft your dream suit. During the trials, our team ensures to facilitate the alterations. Indeed, a quick customized process to keep the fashion zeal alive!

Top-notch Tuxedo Fabrics for Every Occasion

At House of Tailors, we have an assortment of exotic and world-class fabrics that are luxurious and a pleasure to wear. Our fabrics never fail to infuse a new life into your outfit, from formal to wedding tuxedos. Grace any occasion with sheer grandeur.


The Process of Making Tuxedos

Be it a tuxedo suit for a wedding or merriment, we understand your emotions behind every special moment of your life. We conduct a conversational session with you to determine the tuxedo’s design, pattern, fitting, and finishing. Our skilled artisans then infuse their weaving brilliance into it.

The Complete Timeless Tuxedo Experience

Select Your Style & Fabric with Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Our fabrics for tuxedos are lightweight, wrinkle-free, and reflect an indelible sheen. We pick Barathea to make the classic black tuxedo suit. Likewise, the silk and wool blend is chosen to give a swanky touch to the white tuxedo and blue tuxedo. Come and experience the tale of crafting timeless tuxedos with us!


The Top-notch Lapel

The notch lapel is a timeless classic in men’s fashion that radiates elegance. The ‘V’ shape makes it distinctive and meets the collar at a graceful angle. The top-notch resonates with versatility and effortlessly bridges the realms of formal and casual wear. A companion to your business suit with a relaxed elegance as each stitch and seam speaks a loud language of craftsmanship.

Untitled design - 1

The Shawl Lapel

The shawl lapel is a symbol of refined elegance. The smooth and continuous curve of the lapel shows confidence that blends effortlessly from collar to button. For a splendid occasion, add a touch of magnificence to your dress code and to make a fashion statement of charm and charisma. The shawl lapel is an understated luxury your wardrobe should earn.

The Peak Shawl

The bold statement in the realm of men’s fashion is the peak shawl. The sharp, upward-pointing edges of the lapel are an assertive fashion confidence statement. It’s the perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles, resulting in a visually stunning look that demands attention. The peak lapel, found on double-breasted jackets and formal suits, adds height and distinction to the wearer’s profile. It creates an aura of authority and elegance.

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