Alterations at House of Tailors

Clothing Alterations & Tailoring

Professional modifications can make a huge difference to your look, even smaller alterations such as taking in a waistline or the restyling of a neckline. It is a choice to look good!

Alterations – Tailoring – Men’s Wear

House of Tailors is well known for its excellence in formal clothes alterations. We offer designer finishes, including working buttonholes and hand-sewn finishes. To ensure designer/original detailing and proportions – perhaps buckles and buttonholes of jackets and coats – we shorten sleeves from the shoulders. Sometimes small adjustments like taking in a waistline or the tapering and shortening of trouser legs can make all the difference in sharpening your look!

Men’s Wear Alterations

  • Suit Alterations
  • Jacket Alterations
  • Trouser Alterations
  • Coat Alterations
  • Designer Alterations
  • Jeans Denim Alterations
  • Leather alterations
  • Designer alterations
  • Vintage Alterations
  • Additional Services
  • Fitting consultations
  • Vintage Restyling consultations
  • Professional measurement service
  • VIP Tailoring Services
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Ladies’ Alterations & Tailoring

Totally look yourself in well-fitted clothes!

  • Dress Alterations
  • Women Suit Alterations
  • Women’s Skirt Alterations
  • Evening Wear & Gown Alterations
  • Coat & Jacket alterations
  • Fur Coat & Fake Fur Alterations
  • Leather Alterations
  • Designer Alterations
  • Jacket Alterations
  • Trouser Alterations
  • Jumpsuit Alterations
  • Blouse & Top Alterations
  • Jeans Denim Alterations
  • Made to Measure & Replications
  • Restyling & Restoring
  • Vintage Alterations
  • VIP Tailoring Services
  • Bridal & Wedding Dress Alterations (Bride & Alter)If you have a garment not included in this list, please ask to enquire
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What can I do if my shirt or suit does not quite fit me?

If your shirt or suit is not fitting you well, you can opt for our alteration services to get your ensembles into their desirable silhouette. 

Do you offer a home visit for alteration?

Yes, we offer alterations from the comfort of your space. You can either visit our store or book a home alteration session online with us, and our team shall come to your doorstep. 

What are the charges for alteration?

The charges for the alteration depend upon the type of attire.

Type of Clothing                              Alteration Charges 
Male  Female
Suit AED 135+ AED 135
Shirt  AED 35+ AED 35
Trouser  AED 35+ AED 35 
Jeans  AED 40+ AED 40

How long does it take for alterations?

The timeline for alterations will vary as per the intensity of modifications required in your outfit. Our team takes around a week to hand deliver your altered ensemble, ensuring unmatched precision and fitting.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm from Mondays to Sundays. However, we will be available on Fridays through a prior appointment only.