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Our passion for quality and craftsmanship drives everything we do, from the material selection to the final product.

Classic, Timeless Collection of Ties to Make You Stand Apart 

House of Tailors presents an exquisite selection of men’s luxury ties crafted with the finest details to embody perfection. Choose from varied colours and styles- minimalistic designs with eternal elegance or bold patterns that bring a wow factor to your look. 

We offer an assortment of customised ties made with world-class fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, rayon, cotton, nylon, and more. From plain to patterned neckties, there is something for every flair and occasion. Our craftsmen create neckties using modern technology to ensure they look great, feel comfortable and last for many years. 

Meticulously Crafted Bowties for an Added Elegance 

Our bowties are made with an eye for detail and textures to ensure a flawless fit and feel for sharp, refined aesthetics. Whether you are looking for a graceful bow tie, a rugged one, or something in between, we have them all. Each bow tie is studded with a subtle sheen that is achieved through special finishing techniques and materials.

Complementary Accessories to Elevate Your Style 

The House of Tailors is your ultimate destination for the most finely-crafted cufflinks, pocket squares, brooches, and suspenders. With our signature designs and a curated selection of intricate pieces, you will explore a world of sophistication in your everyday life.

Quality is Our Second Name

All our accessories for men reflect excellent workmanship and a zeal to make each appearance of yours a sleek, polished one. Our experts go to great lengths to instil an irresistible appeal in accessories so you can treasure and wear them with pride. No matter what your style preference is, House of Tailors is here to help you find the perfect neckties, bow ties, and matching accessories that will make heads turn!