Summer Style: Staying Sharp While Keeping Cool

Summer doesn’t just bring the sun; it also ushers in a season of formal events where the typical black suit might not be the best choice. Fear not, though—summer offers a fantastic opportunity to infuse your wardrobe with color, experiment with lighter fabrics, and flaunt unique patterns.

Here are essential style tips to ensure you look dapper without sacrificing comfort in the heat:

Fit and Style

Achieving a balance between comfort and elegance in summer’s warmth is crucial. Start with a few versatile, high-quality garments that are bold enough to showcase your personality but subdued enough for easy mixing and matching.

Invest in Unlined Jackets: A high-quality unlined jacket is not just a stylish staple but also a practical choice for the unpredictable summer weather. Opt for lighter shades like cream, blue, or grey to reflect the sun’s rays. An unlined jacket not only keeps you cool but also showcases the quality of the tailoring—there’s nothing to hide any flaws!

Choose Lightweight Trousers: Invest in a couple of pairs of lightweight trousers in light tones. Whether you opt for flat-front styles or pleated versions, pairing these with relaxed shirts or polos can maintain a polished look. For a bold style statement, consider mixing and matching jacket and trouser colors, embracing the Italian ‘spezzato’ trend for an effortlessly chic summer vibe.

Embrace Contemporary Cuts: Skinny fits and cropped lengths can lend a modern touch to your wardrobe. Add turn-ups to your trousers or shirt sleeves to transition your outfit into a more relaxed summer style. Wide-leg trousers and relaxed fits are also making a comeback, offering comfort without compromising on style.

Colors and Patterns

Summer is the perfect time to play with pastels and light tones, which can freshen up any outfit. Building an outfit in tonal shades creates a coordinated and modern look:

Explore Earthy Tones: Greens and khakis are ideal for summer, hinting at adventure and blending seamlessly into both urban and outdoor settings. These colors also transition well into fall when paired with autumnal hues like purples and browns.

Bold Patterns: Summer is your chance to make a statement with bold patterns. Pair neutral trousers and a plain tee with a vibrant, patterned jacket for a look that’s both energetic and stylish.

Fabric Choices

The right fabric can make all the difference in staying cool:

Linen and Linen Blends: Known for their breathability, linens are perfect for summer suits and jackets. They provide comfort and a crisp, clean look.

Light Cottons: Ideal for shirts, light cotton fabrics offer a weightless feel and excellent air circulation, keeping you cool under the sun.

By carefully selecting your garments with attention to fit, color, fabric, and style, you can ensure that your summer wardrobe is both stylish and functional. Remember, the key to summer dressing is to combine comfort with elegance, allowing you to enjoy the season’s festivities in style.

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