Top Trends to Consider for Womenswear Tailoring

Imagine a wardrobe where every piece is a fashion chameleon, adapting to any occasion, mood, or style. That is the magic of women’s tailored pieces. With just a change of accessories, they effortlessly transition from boardroom boss to after-hours chic.

You can create a myriad of looks with structured blazers, tailored suits, and trousers. Let us dive into the season’s most-loved tailoring trends that bring your best fashion game to the light.

Prioritising Comfort with Flared, Elongating Silhouettes

With a ruched-sleeve blazer and high-waisted culottes, give a contemporary twist to the classic pantsuit. This combination embodies effortless style and comfort, keeping you going through the day with ease. 

As we say goodbye to the era of skinny shapes, embrace straight and wide-legged trousers. Laid-back yet chick, they complement almost every body type while adding length and grace to your silhouette. You can pair them with a monochromatic top or classic shirts.

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Make Double Breasted Blazer, Your Best Fashion Buddy

Accentuate your curves with a feminine look, featuring a double-breasted blazer and high-waisted, wide-legged slacks. Elevate the outfit with a luxurious yet solid silk blouse and elegant heels. For a touch of refined elegance, consider adding minimalistic gilded accessories. 

The oversized blazer trend with structured shoulders, reminiscent of the power suits from the 1980s, has made a triumphant comeback. Wear one with fitted trousers for an empowered presence.

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Short Suits for the Sun-Kissed Days

On days when the sun shines brighter on you, swap those trousers for short suits. Their shorter length and high-waisted fitting provide an elongating effect. You can throw over an open blazer to balance comfort and chicness – perfect for a relaxed sartorial statement. Wear block heels or pumps and accessorise with golden hoops and a chain necklace to upgrade the attire.

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A Cinched-In Blazer for a Subtle Glam

Compressed at the waist to gracefully highlight your waistline, a cinched-in blazer is a must-have piece. You can flaunt it from work to the play, all while staying fashionable throughout. Style it by layering it over a fitted blouse. Team up the cinched-in blazer with high-waisted pants, trouser shorts, or a pencil skirt for an uplifted, sleek stature.

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The Final Words

The tailored pieces we have mentioned will always remain in vogue. However, you can play with colours as you like. Consider neutral tones like camel, cream, and grey hues for workwear style. Feeling a bit playful? Opt for bright shades like subtle yellow or bold pink. And for an eternal vibe, black colour is your best bet!

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