Tailoring your clothes can even make them look more expensive than they really are. “A properly fitted garment makes all the difference in the world.”

Suit Alterations

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From minor adjustments to the cut, to repairs, to dramatic redesigns: we enhance each garment with our rare expertise of women’s bespoke tailoring.


At House of Tailors, our experienced and skillful team knows the significance of a perfectly-fitting garment. We know that it is always essential to wear clothes that fit properly to your figure, and wearing shabby attire can reduce one’s self-confidence and smartness.

Therefore, our alteration tailor works meticulously to translate their expertise and your measurements into the best-fitting altered clothing item. Starting from the careful notation of the figures to changing the garment, our alteration tailor ensures accuracy and precision at every level of the dress modification procedure.

You can feel free to tell us about the changes you want in the neckline, sleeve styling, length, or any other fitting areas of the suit or dress. Based on your preferences, our tailors shall chalk out the zones and execute the necessary alterations.

Our expert team can modify garments of renowned brands without disturbing their fabric quality, yet deliver to you the dress that will suit you best.

Our adept women’s tailor can also incorporate some features in your garment to make you look taller or slimmer, as you prefer. We believe that our customers are our best judges and we accept all views and opinions regarding clothes repair.

To contact us for clothing alterations, you can book an appointment with us to note your measurements and preferences. After analysis, we shall provide you with an alteration estimate for you to decide further. Our tailors alter all types of dresses like coats, jumpsuits, dresses, jeans, etc.

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