House of Tailors Alterations Service – guarantees to give your clothes the Perfect Fit for your body and style.

Our alteration tailor initiates the alteration procedure by taking down your measurements and making adjustments in the garment as per the figures, your choices, and our knowledge.

Our tailors make changes in areas such as the waistline, buttonholes, neckline, hemline, collar styling, sleeves, etc., according to your input. You should never hesitate in telling us the editions and clothes repair you require as our aim is customer satisfaction and perfectly-fitting clothes.

We redo the stitching in clothes of famous brands without interfering with the clothing quality. Our client base is highly satisfied with the modifications we provide in jackets, trousers, jeans, leather clothes, suits, etc.

You can be assured of the overall design and pattern of your altered clothing item as our men’s tailor is always available to guide you with the same.

We are happy to assist you in the clothing alterations and repair journey and welcome all inputs to create the finalised masterpiece.

Once you decide to come to us to alter your garment, you need to book an appointment with us. Our clothiers shall note your measurements and inputs about modifying your clothing item. If you are comfortable with our alteration estimate, our alteration tailor shall go ahead with the process.

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We believe that everybody deserves to feel their best in their clothes - so a Perfect Fit is always guaranteed.