Suits for Women: Skirts or Trousers?

When it comes to women’s suits, the question of skirts versus trousers is more than a matter of personal style—it’s about expression, comfort, and the message one wants to convey in the professional world. Both have their place in a modern woman’s wardrobe, and choosing between them can depend on a variety of factors, including […]

sharjah museum of islamic civilization

Sharjah’s Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Nestled between the shimmering coastline of the Arabian Gulf and the rugged Hajar Mountains, Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE, boasts a unique blend of tradition and modernity. From centuries-old markets to contemporary art galleries and pristine natural wonders, Sharjah offers an eclectic mix of attractions that showcase the rich tapestry of Emirati history, […]

How to Style Your Linen Suit this Summer

Staying stylish and comfortable during the summer months can be a challenge, but a linen suit offers the perfect solution. With its lightweight and breathable fabric, a linen suit is a must-have for any warm-weather wardrobe. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a garden party, or a summer soirée, here are some tips on how to […]

Top 10 luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia

1. Burj Rafal Hotel Riyadh: This luxurious hotel offers top-notch amenities including an outdoor pool, fitness center, and spa. It also boasts a prime location in the heart of Riyadh. 2. Park Hyatt Jeddah: Marina, Club, and Spa: Situated on the coast of the Red Sea, this hotel offers stunning views and luxurious accommodations. Guests […]

groom suit

Groom’s Outfit Ideas: Suit to Boot

Nothing brings us more joy than a dashing man in a suit. It is quite important to get the ideal suit for your wedding day as it is imperative to dress your wedding party in attire that complements the setting and theme of your big day because they play a crucial position in your celebration. […]

linen suits

How to Wear and Care for Linen Suits

Linen is the go-to option when the temperature rise and you need something utterly comfortable and relaxing to wear. Especially if you are a working professional, getting linen suits is the most appropriate decision. Layering up with linen wouldn’t raise the heat, and as the fabric is comfortable, you will not feel stuck in your […]

Friday suits

Dress-down Friday Styling Guide

We all appreciate casual Fridays at work, but is it really necessary to wear the same worn-out pair of jeans and a trusty plain t-shirt every time? We all have vivid memories of how we used apparel to express ourselves as youths. Why should the present be any different? So let’s put the band merch […]