Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bespoke Suit in Riyadh

Welcome to the world of high-end tailoring where every stitch and seam is a testament to personal style and sophistication. A Lesson in Bespoke Bespoke tailoring is an art form, one where a garment is custom-made from scratch to fit the unique contours and preferences of the wearer. Unlike off-the-rack suits, a bespoke suit is […]

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Empowering Elegance: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Tailored Suiting

Women’s suits have transformed from a traditional male attire into a symbol of empowerment and style in high fashion. They have become a testament to bold femininity, gracing runways, political arenas, and corporate offices globally. Whether you’re a seasoned suit wearer or considering your first, this guide delves into the realm of women’s tailored suits, […]

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Men’s Wedding Guest Attire – What To Wear

Navigating the realm of men’s wedding guest attire requires a keen understanding of various dress codes and factors. Whether it’s a White Tie affair or a laid-back Casual celebration, striking the right balance between style and adherence to the couple’s preferences is essential. Begin by checking the wedding website’s FAQ page for specific dress code […]


Custom Shirt Design Options

Collars: Choose from over 30 collar styles, ranging from business to casual. Pick between stiff, fused, or casual, unfused constructions to match your preference. Cuffs: Tailor your sleeves with numerous long and short-sleeve cuff designs. From formal to casual, select fused or unfused cuffs that suit your style. Front/Placket: Design the front of your shirt […]

Suits for Women: Skirts or Trousers?

When it comes to women’s suits, the question of skirts versus trousers is more than a matter of personal style—it’s about expression, comfort, and the message one wants to convey in the professional world. Both have their place in a modern woman’s wardrobe, and choosing between them can depend on a variety of factors, including […]

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Sharjah’s Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Nestled between the shimmering coastline of the Arabian Gulf and the rugged Hajar Mountains, Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE, boasts a unique blend of tradition and modernity. From centuries-old markets to contemporary art galleries and pristine natural wonders, Sharjah offers an eclectic mix of attractions that showcase the rich tapestry of Emirati history, […]