5 Suit Accessories Every Man Should Wear

The time of men’s fashion being limited to plain shirts and boring suits is gone. Nowadays men are fashionable and love to experiment with styling, cuts, colours and unconventional styling elements. This change in wearing habits has led to the introduction of new style elements in men’s fashion.   

We love suits, be it summer suits, wedding suits, formal suits, or 3 piece suits. But what we love more is enhancing these suits with appropriate accessories. Right accessories don’t just complete your ensemble but also add the ‘oomph’ factor that grabs everyone’s attention. A well-tailored suit is obviously enough to make you look good but when you need attire that will create a long-lasting impression, you need appropriate suit accessories for men. There are various options available in suit accessories and choosing the right ones for your suit can be a task.

To help you tackle this challenge like a pro and create a dapper look here is a list of 5 suit accessories that will make you stand-out from the crowd.

  1. Suit Pocket squares–Pocket square has become a mark of well-dressed men all around the world. Be it a 3 piece suit or a blazer, a pocket square immediately takes your fashion quotient a notch higher. From various colourful pocket squares to printed pocket squares and even embroidered suit pocket squares, there is a wide array of options available to choose from.
  2. Lapel pins – A lapel pin is the easiest and inexpensive way to accessorize your attire. It is a small pin that goes on the lapel of your coat. The blazing finish, and metallic element is definite to give your look an elite appeal. You can choose the metal colour based on the occasion, time and colour of your suit. The use of lapel pins earlier started as an accessory to signify the groups or clubs. Later this became a huge hit as the blazing finish added an elite charm to the appearance of the suits.
  3. Cufflinks – If you love to experiment with style but don’t want to overboard with it, then cufflinks are your go-to. With the subtle charm, blazing appearance and eye-catchy designs, there is always so much to show off your penchant for styles with cufflinks. Cufflinks keep your French cuffs buttoned and neat whilst giving your appearance elite styling detail. 
  4. Bow tie / knot ties – What started as a scarf tie around the neck in 1600’s has now become a fashion staple in the books of men’s clothing. Yes, we are talking about ties and bow ties. There is no doubt that, we have been so accustomed to pairing suits with knot ties or bow ties that suit wore without either of these seems to be incomplete. Pair your neutral colored bow tie suits with accent-colored knot tie or a bow tie.
  5. Tie clips – Tie clips to cufflinks is what pocket square to the ties. The more details you add the more you show your eye for fashionable details. Matching tie clips and cufflinks won’t go unnoticed. These are the details that together bring a touch of high fashion. The difference between a tie clip and bar is that the tie clip has a spring.

There are many options available if you decide to accessorize your suit. Being comfortable and confident with your choices is key to don any accessory. Although, a right-fitted suit stands as the key element as that would do 90% of the work in creating an impression.

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