How to Dress like a Boss – Style Guide for Team Members to Managers

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As you climb the career ladder, you have to make a lot of transitions in your life. Changing your work approach and dealing with peers can get a little challenging, but there is one thing to ease your stress. Focus your attention on the changes you should make in your outfit to depict the new position you are on through your clothes. For example, it may have been okay to wear a shirt and pair it with casual trousers as a team member. Nevertheless, it would not work the same way in a managerial position. You need to wear a bespoke suit giving an impression of your authority. Moreover, a tailored suit will also motivate you to do better professionally.

Tips for dressing like a boss

Focus on the Fit

A poorly fitted suit can be your biggest nightmare! It will kill the sophistication at all levels and do more bad than good in setting your impression. Thus, the first thing you should do is get a perfectly tailored suit that fits you well.

Choose deeper Hues

Choice of colours matters a lot while creating a formal look at work. So, focus on getting darker and deeper hues like blues, greys, and black. Avoid choosing brighter colours, as it gives an informal feel. You can save these colours for work parties may be.

Select the Accessories

Choose your accessories wisely as they contribute to making what you call a bespoke suit. For example, go with a contrasting pocket square or an ascot tie to enhance your outfit and look like a boss.

Keep it Formal

Try and keep your looks as formal as you can. You can experiment and get the casual feel now and then. However, opt for a crisp, perfectly tailored suit with cufflinks and a tucked-in shirt to get perfect boss vibes.

These simple styling tips can significantly impact the way you look and present yourself. It also helps create an impression amongst people based on which they will decide how they will address you. So, if you are also climbing up to join a managerial position, it is time you start working on your outfits and show it in your outlook. Remember, all the styling would go in vain if you do not choose the apt fabric and the best tailors. So, choose the best people to get your formal attire and spread the boss vibes wherever you go.

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