Groom’s Outfit Ideas: Suit to Boot

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Nothing brings us more joy than a dashing man in a suit. It is quite important to get the ideal suit for your wedding day as it is imperative to dress your wedding party in attire that complements the setting and theme of your big day because they play a crucial position in your celebration. Additionally, you may be mindful of the colours that go well with your personality and the theme of your wedding. We’ll show you the finest wedding suits for a groom for your special occasion when you select a suit colour, the season, or the wedding’s style (formal or casual).

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Groom Suit Colours

Grey Suits

You won’t be disappointed in your grey wedding tuxedo, whether you’re dressing as a groom or your
wedding party. Men’s grey wedding suits and wedding tuxedos are elegant pieces that will enhance your wardrobe. Whether it is your bride or flowers, it makes a fantastic base colour for tying in with your wedding’s theme and can look incredibly trendy.

Blue Suits

If you’re reluctant to try new colours, a dark navy tone is ideal. It is classic but modern. It’s an effortless, understated substitute for the classic black tux. The typical wedding suit colour is a three-piece suit in blue. They complement the majority of grooms and look stunning when embellished with a variety of vibrant colours. There are numerous distinct shades of blue to pick from, based on your individuality. There are variations for solid blue, midnight blue, cobalt and dark in wool or a mix of wool & cotton or wool & silk. For navy blue suits, a medium-to-dark brown should be worn.

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Black Suits

The black-tie wedding suit is widely chosen if you want to add a formal touch to your special day. It consists mainly of a black tuxedo jacket, a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, cuff links, an optional waistcoat, and tapered black dress pants with typically black leather Oxford or Derby lace-up shoes. The fabric and colour of the black pants should complement the jacket. If the outer seam of the pant leg is covered in satin, adding to the overall design. Additionally, to add interest, genuine tux shirts feature little pleated running vertically across the chest.

Tan Suits

The theme occasion should serve as your guide when selecting a tan suit. Tan suits are also a terrific choice for individuals dressing for a more crafted wedding in a countryside, outdoor, or beachfront theme. Just take into consideration that the outfit gets less formal with the lighter shade of tan. Under tan coats and blazers, pastel shirts in shades of pink, blue, off-white, or a soft design look fantastic. Adding a tie and vest elevates the appearance. Brown leather shoes are a simple choice for footwear.

Groom Suits Ideas by Seasons

Spring & Summer

For spring weddings or daytime ceremonies, light grey-tone weddings are a superior addition. A blue suit
made of thin plain-weave cloth is a fashionable and practical option for warm-weather weddings. Pick a style in powder blue if you want something unique from navy blue that makes a bit more of a statement. The pastel colour works particularly well for destination weddings and weddings in the spring or summer. In the heat of summer, a lightweight black suit will be more enjoyable to wear. You’ll seem more fashionable and contemporary while staying cool by wearing a slim-fit black suit.

Fall & Winter

For Fall/Winter weddings or wedding celebrations, men’s tuxedos in shades of charcoal grey and gunmetal grey fit incredibly well. Men attending winter weddings would do well to wear a midnight blue suit since it not only looks sharp but also adds a little warmth. Black ties, evening suits, and winter weddings are all ideal settings for the colour black. The greatest option when dressing correctly is to choose neutral hues like charcoal black. The charcoal suit worn with a basic black leather pair of shoes, a tie or bowtie, and a plain white button-down shirt looks great with this outfit. For an autumn or winter wedding, a lighter shade of tan suit and any dark colour shirt work well together, as does a dark shade of tan suit and a light colour shirt.

So with our selection of groom suits for men and tuxedos, enhance your wardrobe and create a deep impression on your wedding day.

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