Five Things To Consider When Buying A Suit

Once you keep some basic principles in mind, it is easy to buy the right suit. This blog post is for
anyone who plans to buy their first suit and for those who’ve bought a bespoke suit but are looking to
make an informed purchase for the next time.

1) Choose the right fit
First and foremost, your suit should fit your body type. Your build doesn’t matter, what matters is that
the suit should fit like a comfortable glove. Don’t ever force yourself to fit into a suit, clothes are meant to enhance your natural appearance. Finding the right fit is much simpler than molding your body into some idealistic shape.

2) Willingness to experiment
If you can spare the time, then try out different fabrics, colors and styles before finalizing your suit.
This will improve your understanding when you make the final purchase. Be mindful of how accessories such as ties, belts and shoes affect your overall appearance. Finally, experiment with different colors, so you know which color flatters your natural skin tone.

3) Your waist shouldn’t hurt
Your waistband should wrap comfortably around your hips. If your waistband is tight, then your skin
will pull and your belly is more likely to bulge out when you sit. The discomfort of a tight waistband is not worth the effort to hide your belly. It’s always better to leave a bit of room for your waistband, since you can always compensate with a stylish belt.

4) Your jacket is the linchpin for your suit
Pay special attention to your jacket since that’s where everyone’s eyes fall first. These three tips will
help you ace the look of your jacket.

A. First get the right shoulder fit, the shoulder seam should end right at where the arm connects
B. Second the right sleeve length, the sleeves should end an inch before your knuckles
C. And, third the rear length, the cloth of your jacket should end right above your waist
Get these things right and your jacket will look classy.

5) Pants break
Your pants break is the length of your trousers. What we call the ‘break’ is the part that goes a bit
past your ankle and folds at the top of your shoe.

With a suit it’s best to have a slight break. You don’t want to sport a cropped pants look which is
when your pants fall an inch or more above your ankle. Skinny ankles aren’t a great look.

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