DOs & DON’Ts for Women’s Wedding Guest Attire

The moment a wedding invitation arrives at the doorstep; the dress code is the first thing that strikes the mind. Every fashionista would want to pick the top-notch sartorial options. There are mainly four categories: black tie, formal, semi-formal, and casual dress codes. Here are the dos and don’ts for the women’s wedding guest attire to personify fashion with a gaze of authenticity.

Black Tie Guest Attire for Women: Precisely Formal Yet Chic

The black-tie dress code shows that the dress for the revelry would be precisely formal. To grace the occasion in optimal glory, consider a floor-length gown or a tuxedo and adorn it with sophisticated accessories.



  • The gowns made with tasteful fabrics and formal aesthetics are the go-to ensembles for a wedding suit for women.
  • Go for an elegantly designed tuxedo for a chicly formal look.
  • Accentuate your look with alluring shoes such as pumps, minimalistic flats, or strappy sandals.


  • Since red, white, ivory, or off-white colours are generally kept for those getting married, contemplate bold or subtle coloured attires.
  • Stick to floor-length outfits and refrain from short dresses or midis.

Formal Wedding Guest Attire for Women: Epitomizing Grace and Elegance

This dress code epitomises a less formal look than the black-tie one. However, the styling options are somewhat similar. The only difference is that it is appropriate to show your ankles in formal attire.


  • Wear a suit or a tuxedo in bold colours such as charcoal grey and dark navy would.
  •  Try the classic styles such as puffy sleeves or a squared neckline.


  • Try avoiding the casual fabrics and go for poised and luxurious ones.
  • Complementing your suit with graphical t-shirts underneath is not recommended; instead, choose a silky camisole.

Cocktail or Semi-Formal Women’s Wedding Guest Attire: An Amalgamation of Style and Verve

This dress code is a blend of laid-back styles filled with exquisite flair. The fashionable ladies’ suits for weddings and midi dresses would be ideal for nailing the occasion.


  • Flaunt casual ensembles adorned with trendy prints or cool colour palettes.
  • Wear simplistic, flamboyant, and bold jewellery instead of a diamond one.
  • Take out your favourite midi dress or frocks and pair them with splashy heels.


  • Club attires are unsuitable for weddings; ditch the nightclub outfits and opt for something more formal.
  • Do not carry informal accessories such as casual toes or backpacks; instead, go for an elegant mini purse.

Women’s Casual Wedding Guest Attire: Flamboyancy with Formalness 

The casual dress code embodies a spontaneous look elevated with formal panache. Show off your charisma and fashion-forwardness by donning something you would look up to for bridesmaids’ brunch.


  • Pick out a waistcoat with complementing trousers or a cool sleeveless top with a pair of slacks.
  •  Select the outfits made with linen and get away from the formal ones.
  • Wear an adorable sundress for summertime gatherings.


  • Avoid wearing sneakers, flip-flops, or beach sandals. Prefer low heels or minimalistic flats for optimal comfort.
  • It is a straight no for denim jeans, skirts, or cut-offs.

The Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding guest dress. The venue, time of year, and formality of the event all play a significant role in determining the outfit choice. Stick to the tips mentioned above to steal the spotlight effortlessly.  Want a perfect elegant attire for your next wedding? Head to House of Tailors to get your custom suit made by expert craftsmen. 

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