What to Wear in Dubai – Guide for Men, Women & Tourists


Dubai is the most popular destination in the Middle East. It has everything from luxury hotels to beach resorts, shopping malls and cultural attractions. When planning a vacation to this exotic city, many factors influence the attire you should choose. The climate can be dynamic, from scorching heat in summers to freezing cold in winters. This guide has compiled the most culturally-appropriate outfits to wear in Dubai.

Fashion with a Dash of Modesty and Grace

Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the most welcoming, cosmopolitan cities, offering warm hospitality to tourists in the Middle East. Though Emirati Society’s tolerance towards varied cultures remains unrivalled, it is anticipated from tourists to be courteous. 

Eventually, it all comes down to one significant question- what type of ensembles to be worn in Dubai during a vacation. One can wear readymade or bespoke clothing that is fashionable and appropriate for the culture and the weather. It becomes more crucial if you plan daytime journeys from Dubai to other Emirates villages and towns like Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi. In such places, the rules may vary, and modesty in dressing up is appreciated.

Clothing Options to be Worn at Different Places in Dubai

Western clothing is acceptable absolutely in Dubai, yet should not be too revealing. It might be suitable for bars and nightclubs but would not look decent in the marketplaces or the streets. You can also flaunt your national dress as long as it appears to be modest in Dubai. From Indians to other expatriates from the subcontinent wear their ethnic attires with pride, such as salwar kameez and sarees.

This guide will take you through what to wear when staying in Dubai to get you to pack all the relevant clothing stuff for dressing appropriately. It will help you adhere to the implications for tourists’ conduct in UAE, appreciating cultures that are much dissimilar from yours. 

  • Public Places: The public places include metros, markets, shopping malls, souks, cafes, parks, restaurants, cultural events, and festivals. It is recommendable for women to wear shirts, tops, and t-shirts paired with trousers or well-fitted jeans. Alternatively, you can wear maxis, midis, dresses, jumpsuits, and knee-length skirts. For men, casual clothing, such as t-shirts and shirts accompanied by chinos, jeans, or trousers, would work well. Upon visiting a high-end or upmarket restaurant, men’s suits are also a viable option. 
  • Beaches: You can wear beachwear only on the public and private beaches in Dubai. Likewise, females can wear swimwear or bikinis at the beaches and pools located in hotels. Refrain from Brazilian thongs as they might not look appropriate to be worn at public beaches. Further, men can wear the usual swimwear at the pools and beaches. 

The only thing to keep in mind for both men and women is to avoid transparent swimwear or see-through colours like white. You must carry a cover-up when walking on the roads or sitting at the beachside promenades or cafes in Dubai. Use shorts, tank tops, maxi, kaftan, or sundress to cover yourself. 

  • Water Parks: An ideal dress code for a water park in Dubai necessitates wearing standard swimwear like one-piece or full-body swimsuits, bikinis, bathing suits, and burkinis. Do not show up in transparent swimwear and thongs. Avoid wearing flowing dresses or any clothing that is not permissible during water rides. Men can opt for the swimwear they would wear to any other water park; the only condition is that it should not be a see-through one when drenched in water. 
  • Mosque: When visiting a Mosque in Dubai, women can go for trousers, straight-fit pants, loose-fit dresses, or maxi skirts paired with a long-sleeved shirt or a top. Do not bare your cleavage, midriff, shoulders, knees or back. Either bring a scarf to cover your head or slip into an abaya, which is a black-coloured, traditional robe for women, along with a Shayla, a head scarf. Men should wear sleeved t-shirts or shirts with full-length jeans or pants. They might be asked to slip into a kandora, a white-coloured, traditional robe, on top of their attire if the clothing is inappropriate. 


Dubai is home to a multifarious gamut of varied cultures and ethnicities. While packing your suitcase for a memorable trip to this city, you must be aware of its current weather conditions. The basic rule is to dress suitably as per the place’s ambience and occasion. Men’s and Women’s suits are also unmistakable choices for a sophisticated outfit when in Dubai to attend a formal event or work meeting. An ideal dress code is to adhere to the guidelines or modesty to prevent making the local families uncomfortable in their own sanctuary. Styling up your look respectfully shows a strong affection for local culture’s sanctity as a tourist in another city. 

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