How to style your tuxedo?


The best option for particularly important events has always been a tuxedo. The tuxedo is one outfit
that instantly springs to mind if you wish to be remembered as a handsome visitor at an upcoming
function. Tuxedo is a single-breasted or double-breasted, often black or blackish-blue jacket, as
a semiformal evening tuxedo suit for males. Here are a few ways to style your tuxedo like a pro.

Decide the silhouette
The tuxedo jacket should have a single button front closure and be exclusively single-breasted,
without rear slits. Instead, your two- or three-button office-typical jackets are not formal enough; it
is preferable to save them for future times. The pockets are another aspect of the jacket that should
be considered; welt pockets are preferable over flap pockets because they are more formal.

Choose the shade
Between the traditional black and the more contemporary blue, choose the colour of your tuxedo.
Although you should consider the colours in light of the occasion, black is always a secure bet, while
blue is a more contemporary option for bold gentlemen. The ivory-coloured jacket was a
better choice because summer is the best time to wear it.

Get a suitable shirt
Black-tie attire requires a shirt that is entirely white and can be a proper bespoke tuxedo with a collar. It
also goes by the name “wingtip collar,” and it’s intended to be worn with a bow tie. It has the
customary front wings.

Pick a pair of cuffs
Not to be overlooked is the customization of the cuffs, which must be double-cuffed (turned up on
themselves) and offer the buttonhole for the cufflinks.

Bow times are classic
Silk is the preferred material for bowties, whether it is in the form of satin, knit, or twill. If your lapels
are satin, it makes sense from a fashion standpoint to match the bowtie to them. Or you might
choose a bowtie made of wool or velvet for a seasonal adjustment.

Just belt up
Although belts are functional, they are not appropriate for a look as formal as a black tie when
wearing pants that have braces applied. Instead of leather, pick fabric braces in black or white; in
any case, they should complement the colour of the tuxedo. Avoid wearing pants with lapels or
pleats as they are insufficient for the situation.

Get your shoes on point
Shoelaces should be matte or glossy black. However, avoid wearing shoes with too many features.
Even embroidered slippers would work in this situation. A black pair of knee-high socks is required.
The appearance won’t be enhanced by any exceptions.

Wear it right
If the jacket has pointed (peaked) lapels, wear the vest. If the cummerbund is satin and has shawl
lapels, wear the cummerbund. Add satin or twill accents to the bespoke tuxedo, such as the lapels
and the recognisable sideband of the pants, to make it your own. Lastly, put on a white linen or
cotton pocket square. Some men enjoy experimenting with the red or burgundy silk pocket square
appearance, but it takes a little imagination to create a crisp yet individual design for each man.
Tuxedo wear may and should be enjoyable, but everything is enhanced and made more enjoyable if
it fits your personality. Therefore, it is valuable to pay attention to the little things that honour you.

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