How to select your outfit while attending a wedding in Dubai – Men’s Style Guide

Dubai is a dream destination for weddings, with a splendid skyline, luxurious venues, and extravagant ceremonies. Since they are known for their opulence, dressing appropriately for such an occasion is essential. Choosing the right outfit becomes challenging with Dubai’s hot weather and the need to maintain a sophisticated style. But fret not, as this guide will help you dress to impress for a wedding while keeping the sweltering heat in mind. 

Tips to Make a Styling Statement at a Wedding, Even Under the Sun

Are you attending a wedding in the stunning city of Dubai? Your outfit can be an ultimate conversation starter at such ceremonies, reflecting your fine taste in fashion. However, looking dapper during sun-kissed days requires a particular focus on choosing fabrics, suits, and styling that complements the occasion. Though comfort is a non-negotiable aspect, here are a few tips to consider for a relaxed yet statement-maker flair:

1. Fabrics that Are as Light as a Feather

Dubai’s scorching temperatures call for fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable. Linen and cotton are your best friends in this climate. These fabrics allow for better air circulation, keeping you comfortable and sweat-free. Linen, in particular, is a fantastic choice due to its natural breathability and easy-going feel.

2. Let the Pastel Colors Come into the Play

While dark suits are a classic choice for formal occasions and black-tie affairs, Dubai’s sun can make them feel suffocating. Dark colours tend to absorb heat, making you sweat more. Thus, you should opt for lighter shades like soft greys, light blue, beige undertones, or even soft pastels. Such colours reflect the sun’s rays and help you stay calm, fresh, and composed.

3. Nothing Fits with Pride like a Custom-Made Suit

Weddings and suits are synonymous with each other. These sartorial pieces are the epitome of royalty and chic perfection for every man. However, the fit of your suit is paramount. Even the most luxurious fabrics would not save the look if the fit is off. 

Therefore, you should invest in a well-tailored suit to ensure it flatters your physique and posture flawlessly. A customized suit not only enhances your appearance but also makes your presence a sophisticated, classy one. 

4. Embrace the Charm of a Two-Piece Suit

While tuxedos are best reserved for black-tie affairs, a two-piece suit is an unmistakable choice for a semi-formal look. It makes them the most appropriate option for Dubai weddings, owing to their combination of laid-back impression with a chic appeal. You can team up a classic two-piece suit with a crisp white dress shirt and tailored trousers. Give finishing touches to your outfit with a pocket square, necktie, and wristwatch. 

For outdoor weddings, do not forget to put on sunglasses. They impart a fashionable touch to the attire and also protect your eyes from the scorching heat. Remember, the key is not to overdo the look but to keep it simple and impactful. 

5. Footwear that Makes Every Step a Tasteful yet Comfortable Affair

Comfortable footwear is a must, considering the amount of time you will spend on your feet. Loafers or lightweight leather shoes are ideal for wedding guest attires. Besides providing ample support to your feet, they elevate your overall attire. Remember to wear no-show socks to keep your feet fresh and sweat-free.

The Summary

Dubai’s heat can be intense; hence, your wedding guest attire should strike a perfect balance between comfort and chic. It will allow you to enjoy the celebration to the fullest while making a noticeable presence for all the right reasons. Whichever outfit you prefer, ensure it aligns with the climate and local customs of the city. 

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