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Flaunting the Flawless Fit

We believe that your clothing should be a masterpiece, reflecting your individuality. Our passion lies in providing you with nothing less than a perfectly tailored fit with each attire. We bring your custom wardrobe dreams to life by offering up to two complimentary jackets and dress pant remakes. 

How to Request a Tailored Clothing Remake?

Step 1: Slip into Your New Attire

Stand before the mirror and layer your jacket over the shirt or slip into pants complimenting your chosen shoes and accessories. This style ritual helps determine the perfect silhouette, ensuring that your pants gracefully meet your shoes at just the right length. Since the power of fashion lies in small details, all the elements of your attire should fit in effortlessly with one another. 

Step 2: Requesting the Tailored Clothing Remake

There are various ways through which you can get an exclusive remake of your custom-made attire:

Option 1: Perform a Self-Guided Fit Check

Though we are connoisseurs of custom clothing, sometimes you know exactly what needs to be tweaked. That is why we offer you the freedom to take charge and conduct your own fit assessment for a faultless remake.

Assess your tailored jacket or pants meticulously, leaving no scope for errors to identify what precisely needs to be altered. By doing so, you can request a remake without any external assistance.

Simply navigate to your “Order History” and click the button that reads “Request a Remake” in the Made-to-Order Clothing section. Follow the instructions to mention the size or style modifications you desire for your jacket/pants or both. 

Upon confirming your shipping address, we will materialize your vision. With a swift submission, your masterpiece-in-the-making is set in motion.

Option 2: Solicit Fit Recommendations from House of Tailors

Rest easy if you are not completely smitten with the fit of your garment. We are here to help you achieve fit perfection, even if you are unsure of the necessary changes. 

Head to your account’s “Fit Advice Request” section and our expert team will guide you towards the perfect fit. The next step is to upload fit photos capturing your current sartorial state. You should accompany these snapshots with comments that delve into the intricacies of your likes and dislikes about the fit. 

Once we receive your request, our skilled artisans will examine every nuance and craft size change recommendation. 

Option 3: Visit Our Showroom for an In-Person Consultation

For those seeking a truly immersive experience, we invite you to step into our physical locations in the heart of Dubai. To ensure your in-person consultation exceeds expectations, we have a few tips for you:

  • You can either bring or wear the attires you purchased to your in-store appointment. If you choose to wear them, be sure to bring spare clothes.
  • Wear the shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes you envision pairing with your tailored ensemble.
  • If you have another jacket or pair of pants that exhibits your desired fitting, bring it along for our fit specialist’s reference.

We will carefully review your current fit, discussing what needs to change and tailoring it to your preferences. You can try on other standard-size jackets and pants on display or explore our range of luxe outfits.

Step 3: Return Your Custom-Made Ensemble

As you complete your fit evaluation journey, we request that you entrust your tailored clothing back into our caring hands. You can visit our showroom in Dubai or mail the tailored garment to our location.

Feel free to reuse the original packaging, a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Rest assured, we have included a return shipping label in your original delivery, streamlining the process.

Mail the ensembles back to this address: Suite 507, The Binary by Omniyath Tower, Business Bay, Dubai.

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