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Explore the elements that contribute to a suit that fits like a glove. It’s a common misconception that knowing one’s size guarantees a flawless fit. Regrettably, due to variations in suit designs, materials, and cuts, this isn’t always the case. Navigating the world of suits can be daunting!

This is where Edit Suits Co. steps in, offering bespoke tailoring, and crafting suits with precision to match your unique measurements.

For now, here’s a primer on ensuring your suit – particularly the jacket – fits impeccably.

Shoulder Alignment:

Regardless of your preference, be it padded, soft, or La Spalla Camicia finishes, it’s all about how it rests on you. The shoulder pad should conclude at the same point as your natural shoulder, allowing the sleeve to fall straight and uninterrupted. If it’s too tight, the sleeve will strain. If too loose, it will slump, creating an unsavory gap.

Lapel Fit:

Lapels ought to lie flat on the chest. Any space between them and your chest means the jacket is oversized. Conversely, if they are bowed, the jacket might be too snug. Tight isn’t always the ideal choice!

Sleeve & Jacket Lengths:

Sleeves should reveal a glimpse of your shirt cuff – approximately an inch – when you’re at ease. This subtle exposure lends a polished touch. As for the jacket length, while Brits traditionally favor longer jackets that align with the knuckles when one clenches their fist, Italians lean towards shorter and more streamlined styles. A modern approach? Ensure the jacket’s end aligns with your trouser’s crotch, with its rear just skimming your trouser’s backside. This guidance seldom disappoints.

Fastening the Jacket:

Your jacket should button comfortably. Aim for a gap of one to one-and-a-half inches from your stomach to the buttoned point. If it’s pulling, it’s too snug, and if too slack, it loses its contour. The ideal position for the button is around your midsection, letting the jacket drape gracefully.

Pondering the details? Keep in mind, that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone’s posture varies, and instead of altering yours, let your suit do the heavy lifting. For a suit that truly complements you, consult our expert tailors.

Coming up… Ensure your trousers match up to your jacket’s splendor.

About Edit Suits Co.:

With a presence in both London and Singapore, Edit Suits Co. specializes in top-tier custom menswear that’s priced on par with off-the-rack alternatives.

For a suit sculpted to your frame, engage with our expert tailors.

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