Business Traveller Style Guide – 5 Style Tips to Travel in Style

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If you travel frequently for work, you may be able to access business lounges, quicker security screening, and control over what is packed in your carry-on luggage. But do you ever feel that, as a result of packing so lightly, your style may be enhanced? Your success in business may benefit from your appearance. And it’s crucial to feel good about your appearance while you’re in a business lounge or having a meeting with clients, isn’t it?

The business world is one where appearances count. In just two seconds after meeting you for the first time, someone will create an opinion of you. You need to make the most of those two seconds because your appearance will almost totally determine how long that impression will endure.

When travelling for work, there are many circumstances you may run across and attire to match. There will probably be formal events during the day, a few cocktail events at night, and potentially some informal gatherings. You’ll also need athletic wear for your morning workout and track pants for winding down after work. What a lot of planning and packing!

Sometimes dress requirements aren’t made clear, which can make it unclear what’s expected. Aim for attire on the more formal end of the range as a general guideline. It is much preferable to be a little overdressed and stand out from the crowd than to be slightly underdressed and run the danger of appearing disorganised or less-than-polished.

It’s about leaving the conference or meeting with the knowledge that you have done your best to impress contacts and forge new ties. It’s also about creating a good impression and representing your company well. You have to be prepared for anything to do that. Here are some tips to pack the ideal clothes for a business trip while planning for every eventuality.

Crisp Bottoms

If chinos are the star of the show for men’s business travel attire, then narrow-fit pants are a close second. Compared to regular pants, chinos are far more comfy and have a softer fabric. Phew! Chinos go well with blazers and shirts, t-shirts and blazers, and cardigans and shirts. Generally speaking, chinos go with anything.

Formal Bespoke Suits

What could look better on a man, in my opinion, than a suit? It’s rhetorical, so I won’t have an answer to that either. When making a list of men’s business travel attire, there is nothing more sophisticated than a suit. It is better if you get a suit that won’t wrinkle as you will eventually need to pack it and might not have time to iron it.

Double Breasted Suits

This tailored suit has broad, overlapping flaps with two symmetrical columns of buttons on the front. The buttons are arranged parallel to one another. It has a regal appearance thanks to the overlapping flaps, which also offer the necessary heat. If packing something seems onerous, you may always wear it and carry it or hold it in your palm while traveling. It’s not possible to just leave the fabric behind because it’s so delicate. This is the ideal outfit to wear to a formal business meeting.

Classic Shirts

Shirts are the foundation of a man’s business trip clothing. If your trip wardrobe is empty, you may just put on a shirt, pair it with some nice pants, add a loafer that matches the shirt’s elegance, and accessorise with a modern watch and a non-shiny belt. The belt needs to be understated yet elegant.


To accessorise your formal dress, there are numerous methods to tie a tie. Just watch what a difference just one item makes to your wardrobe by choosing how you want to drape it to seem professional. Neckties are typically made of silk, polyester, wool blends, rayon, nylon, cotton, linen, and ramie, among other materials. These materials give the fabric a sheen and are soft.

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