10 Best Places to Visit in Qatar during FIFA World Cup 2022

National Museum of Qatar

Doha will be hosting the FIFA world cup 2022. The capital city of Qatar has always been a popular tourist destination with plenty of sights to visit. The charming architecture, attractive souks, and beautiful monuments of the place are worth visiting. So, if you plan to watch the game live, you might as well avail this opportunity and explore the city. In order to turn your trip memorable and completely worthwhile, it is vital to know the places you can visit while you are in Doha. To help you plan your itinerary, we have listed the places you should ideally visit in Doha.

10 best places to visit in Qatar

1. Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library
image source: https://static.dezeen.com/

This place is for people who love to read and connect with books. Moreover, the national library in Qatar is also the ideal place for history enthusiasts who want to know more about the world around them. You can find rare manuscripts here, and it would be the best use of your time to visit this place.

2. State Grand Mosque

State Grand Mosque
image source: https://www.timeoutdoha.com/

As the country has the majority of Muslims, its mosques are a sight to the eye! The calm atmosphere at the state grand mosque and the astonishing beauty of the place will take you to another level of bliss! You can visit and offer your prayers here to feel more connected to the divine.

3. The Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche

It is a 7km long promenade lined with palm trees. You can find restaurants, clubs, and plenty of places in this stretch to sit back and soak in the panoramic view of the city. Enjoy the fresher sea breeze and enjoy the lip-smacking local cuisines.

4. Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif

Love shopping? Souq Waqif got you covered! You will see the mud buildings filled with sellers providing traditional art and everything in this street market. The market is colourful and vibrant enough to attract plenty of tourists, and if you are lucky, you might experience some fest during your visit.

5. The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar

As the name suggests, it is a luxury space built on land reclaimed from the sea. You will find high-end residential projects, posh restaurants, and extravagant cafes in this area. So, visit the pearl if you want a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle in Doha!

6. Lusail Iconic Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium

If you are in Doha for FIFA 2022, you will visit Lusail’s Iconic stadium more than just once! It is centrally located in the city, and matches get organized here considering that the visitors can spend their waiting period conveniently sightseeing.

7. Katara Village

Katara Village
image source: https://images.musement.com/

Do not let the word village put off your spirits, as Katara is actually the exact glimpse of the history, culture, and place. There is the pearl in the neighborhood, 21 high street, the Amphitheatre, and many other places in this village. If you want to explore the village thoroughly, it might actually take two days time.

8. Khor Al Udaid Beach

Khor Al Udaid Beach

When do you get tired of watching a few games back to back? Finally, you have a beach to sit, relax and prepare for another match on another day! It is in the southeast direction of Doha, flaunting beautiful landscapes and natural beauty. The beauty of desert and water is a sight worth experiencing, so consider keeping it on your travel plan.

9. Film City

Film City, Qatar

It is one of the unexplored places in Doha, which has a mysterious history associated with it. People say that the purpose of the place was film shootings, but the project ended in between, and nothing actually got filmed here. Whatever the mystery is, the destination is picture-worthy, and you can definitely consider visiting it.

10. National Museum

National Museum of Qatar

The place speaks about the beauty of a French architect and is a unique tourist spot in Doha. You will find artefacts that tell about the history of the city and a visit here would fill you with a lot of information about the place. You can add these places to your itinerary and explore the capital city knowing more about
it. Even if you are short of time, include a few of these and make the most of your trip!

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