Men’s Linen Shirts — The Essential Summer Wardrobe Piece

Summer is in full swing with blazing heat for us. There is no doubt that this might have forced everyone to keep their ACs on the whole day! While AC is a great option to beat the heat, your clothes also play a major role. When we talk about men’s fashion, their summer wardrobe staples should serve only two purposes – lightweight, airy and comfortable!

So, when the heat starts to hit you like a tidal wave, think about what you should wear and what will be the most suited fabric for these scorching summers. Well, there is only one correct answer to this – Linen! Here are some of the benefits of wearing linen clothing in the summer.

Why should you consider wearing linen clothing and shirts in the summer?

#1 Highly Breathable Material

The last thing you would want during hot summers is for your garment to cling to you or trap sweat. Thanks to its moisture-wicking property – linen will keep you cool & sweat at bay. It allows air to pass through and dries pretty quickly. 

#2 Comfort At Its Best

Linen shirts are lightweight and relaxing. The longer you wear linen, the more soft & supple they become to the touch. Don’t take our word for it but trust the statistics as they claim linen to be the comfiest fabric in the IMT Comfort Index. 

#3 Stylish And Versatile Pieces

Whether you are dressing up for a formal event or aiming for a casual and low-key look, linen has a splendid ability to complement every occasion. Modern linen shirts for men come in many styles, and it is a great way to upgrade your wardrobe with these timeless and elegant pieces.

#4 Durability And Longevity

Linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber. While a cotton shirt can last a few seasons with you, a linen shirt will go way beyond that! What’s more? Linen clothing does not lose its shape even after multiple washes. If anything, they’ll become softer and more comfortable on the skin over time.

3 Must-Have Styles With Linen Shirts

#1 Formal Blue Linen Shirt

A formal blue linen shirt for men can be a great summer work-wear-inspired outfit. Look both sophisticated and oh-so chill by wearing it wide open or under a blazer. Trust us; you will never go wrong with this versatile summer staple.

#2 Classic White Linen Shirt

Who knew that putting on a classic white button-down shirt can elevate your outfit by a hundred? Whether you have to attend a meeting or want to opt for a more casual look for that beach party, a good men’s white linen shirt is perfect for any occasion.

#3 Linen Shirts With Cool Prints

Want to stand out from the crowd and be a real head-turner? Go with embroidered or printed linen shirts this summer for a dressier look and get those quintessential vacation vibes! They are an ideal choice for sipping those cocktails all summer long.

When it comes to elegant summer dressing for men, linen clothing and shirts are absolutely essential for your summer closet! So, get ready for this beach season with breezy button-downs. Choose House of Tailors and add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe with our custom linen shirts for men, made just for you!

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