All You Need to Know About the Shirt Collars and Which Style Suits You

shirt collar

The shirt collar has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t recently that it became such a fashionable accessory. It is an essential piece of clothing that makes a statement about who you are and what you stand for. A shirt collar can take on many different forms, from the traditional to the creative. They provide a clean, crisp look to your attire, so men need to consider wearing them correctly. With the gradual desertion of ties from the staple wardrobe, the shirt collars help frame and flatter the facial contours for a masculine and attractive appearance. This guide converses on the varied collar shapes and their suitability.

The Types of Collars

Each collar has three key variables defining the aesthetics of the collar and how it suits your face. These are the collar’s height, length, and spread. Assorted collars can be made from multifarious fabrics and materials, having distinctive designs. Some of the most popular shirt collar styles include:

  • Spread Collar: It consists of two or more vertical panels that sit on each other. The panels spread outward from the neckline to the first buttonhole, back to the second buttonhole, and down to the bottom hemline.
  • Point Collar: This collar type points up at the back, often seen in vintage shirts. For an elegant silhouette, the point collars are usually made from light fabric, such as cotton, linen or silk.
  • Button Down Collar: Such shirt collars have a rounded point at the bottom of the opening and a straight point at the top. They offer a comfortable fit without any extra fabric around the neck.
  • Cutaway Collar: The fabric is cut away from the front of the neck. A cutaway collar provides extra space for wearing a tie and creates a sleeker appearance.
  • Club Collar: It is often worn folded over at the front. Still, the collar can also be folded up at the back, allowing for a more excellent range of motion.
  • One Piece Collar: Such collars have a single strip of fabric that wraps around the neck and attaches to the chest. It offers a sleeker look without any extra folds or creases.

Which collar suits you?

When choosing the right style for yourself, you need to consider your face shape, your personality, and how formal or informal you want your outfit to be. The collar’s height should be proportionate to your neck and face, whereas it is the opposite in the case of the spread.

The simple rule you have to remember is that high-neck collars are apt for men with longer necks and narrow faces. Contrarily, men with shorter necks and wider faces would look more elegant in shorter collars.

The Final Thoughts

The collar is not just an accessory; it can also be used to express personality and style. Consider your neck stature and the shape of the face to pick the collar that accentuates your charisma.

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