A Guide To Dressing For The Party Season

Knowing which style of suit to choose for every occasion can be a hard task. This guide aims to simplify the process, ensuring you’re not just well-dressed but a standout at any gathering.

A suit’s power to transform your appearance and confidence at any event is unparalleled, making it essential for the bustling party season. Investing in a tailored suit that fits impeccably is crucial; such a piece not only endures over time but also offers versatility through mix-and-match opportunities. The challenge often lies in selecting the right suit, whether it’s for an office holiday party or an evening out. The secret? Understanding how to distinguish yourself while adhering to the event’s dress code. Here’s a straightforward guide to clinching the best-dressed title at your next major event.

Black Tie Affairs

For occasions specifying a black tie dress code, a dinner suit, or tuxedo, is non-negotiable. Traditionally, this ensemble features a two-piece black suit with satin peak lapels, satin-covered buttons, accompanied by a white dress shirt, cummerbund, and black bow tie. Nowadays, there’s a trend towards more adventurous choices in black tie attire, with men opting for dinner jackets in rich textures and colors such as bottle green, midnight blue, or burgundy, contrasted with black trousers. Elevate your ensemble with a modern twist on the cummerbund by incorporating a waistcoat. Opt for a waistcoat with a low-cut V or U shape to subtly showcase your shirt beneath. Dinner jackets in elaborate jacquard fabrics, boasting woven rather than printed patterns, are also gaining popularity for their statement-making potential.

Evening Parties

The dress code for evening parties is more lenient, offering a semi-formal vibe that permits a broader range of styles. The standard outfit includes a two-piece suit paired with a shirt and tie, though open neck shirts and roll necks are increasingly accepted and even expected. For shirts, you can either go tonal, matching your jacket, or opt for a contrasting pattern for a bolder statement. Jacket-wise, the field is wide open—embrace different textures and patterns to stand out. Bold checks and windowpane designs, significant trends in recent years, promise to remain stylish across seasons.

While a waistcoat isn’t mandatory, it can introduce an additional layer of contrast in color or pattern if you choose to wear one. Finalize your look with a patterned silk pocket square for an extra touch of elegance. Your footwear also plays a crucial role in complementing your outfit; formal occasions call for oxfords or brogues, while loafers can tone down the formality for a more casual feel.


Understanding the suit appropriate for each event is a skill, but with this guide, the process becomes less intimidating and more enjoyable. If the prospect of hunting for the perfect suit overwhelms you, worry not. With a wide selection of suits available for purchase or hire and a team of experts ready to assist with fittings and measurements, finding the right suit is hassle-free. For personalized assistance, booking an appointment is your first step towards stress-free suit shopping.

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